Top four misunderstood SEO concepts (part 2)

  1. Links don’t matter anymore

Link building means acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your site. Search engines crawl the websites for the pages and index them, then take a look at the pages’ content quality along with the links pointing towards the site from external websites. The quality of the websites where the external link comes from is also very important because it helps your site rank as the referral domains are of high authority. Meanwhile, inbound links have a large role in determining the PA and DA of the site, too. Domain Authority and Page Authority are considered important factors in the SEO of a site.

Link building also helps you set up brand outreach, brand authority as well as exposure to other industry leaders. A good quality link that is placed on a website actually helps you develop a quality website. Some brands usually use publication logos on their site as an achievement. However, unlike past ranking practices, the links’ quality is now more important than the links’ quantity. This plays a huge part in the increase of guest blogging, influencer marketing, and publications.

  1. Social media presence boosts your ranking

Social media strategy is a vital part of any digital campaign all over the world. However, there is a myth that posting your site links on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus can help increase the ranking. The reason is that there are tons of outbound links from social media. The ‘link juice’ of them is practically close to zero. Therefore, they do not have any significant impact on the ranking of the websites.

However, these days, social media is an important tool for generating website traffic, which surely helps increase the rankings of the website. If your content is shared by social media users, it is likely that a huge number of visitors would visit your website through these shares. However, in SEO, social signals just do play a very limited role.