The four main areas of an effective SEO strategy (part 2)

  1. Content

There is a saying that content is the king. In fact, it’s true. While your website is the wrapper, your content really tells prospects about your business. And it should also follow these obvious brochure-type elements such as what you do, who you have done it for, where you do it, why someone should use your business and help your prospective customers achieve their goals.

For service businesses, your content can be loosely broken down into three categories:

SEO is important for all kinds of content, but it is often really considered only for service-type content. SEO is often forgotten when it comes to credibility content such as testimonials, reviews, and case studies. Remember to optimize all of your marketing content, including both portfolio entries, case studies, and testimonials, not only the obvious service pages.

An SEO strategy and a solid content marketing is the most scalable way to promote your business to a wide audience.

  1. Off-site authority building

In fact, all SEO rivers run to the one spot, authority building. Building your authority involves link building. Although links are a crucial component to strong organic rankings development, links can be the hardest part of an SEO strategy.

It is really important to make your link philosophy dialed in before you start because this can make or break your link-building efforts. If you can develop a positive link-building philosophy, you are mostly ahead of your competition.

Here are the key takeaways :

  • Make sure to build the real links which make sense in the real world.
  • Make sure your content deserves to rank and to be linked to.


SEO does not need to be super complex. You should consider and focus on these four key areas of SEO, and there is a structured process to follow to optimize your site, improve your rankings and generate more business from organic search!