Terms of Service (ToS)

This is in terms of service online for user’s perspective. The user who wish to use this site; especially for the purpose of service or business. Incisivea.com is providing a complete service on SEO, Online Marketing and Web Development as described on the website.

It is necessary to pay a complete fee prior to the start of campaign.

Things to Acknowledge by Clients

  • All the fees are non-refundable.
  • All the reports, documents, recommendations and services are confidential.
  • Incisivea.com has no control over the policies of external factors such as search engines, directories, websites or blogs, etc. As search engine may change their policies in future regarding content and linkbuilding. Or other directories, websites/blogs might remove/delete/change their website, remove your contents or links. Incisivea.com will not be responsible for such type of refund or replacement.
  • Under no circumstances shall Incisivea.com be liable to the End User (You) for any damages. The range of damages have no limitation. You (End User) assume all potential damages and risks (both known and unknown) associated with the services of Incisivea.com. The damages may be incidental, consequential , profit/loss, third party website claims or Your (End User) claims etc. etc. and so more.
  • Incisivea.com reserves the right to modify order details in order to make campaign successful. In addition to that Incisivea.com reserves the right for change in policies and terms of service use.
  • Incisivea.com do not guarantee any traffic or search engine position for certain keyword / phrases / search term.
  • Incisivea.con is not responsible for the changes made by third parties to clients website; the certain changes may affect the search engine ranking.
  • Google hides the ranking of newly created website or pages. This is related to “Google SandBox”. Incisivea.com is not liable for the issues of indexing / traffic / ranking related to Google Sandbox Penalties.

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