How to improve your website content (Part 2)

2. Editing is just as important as Writing

Even great writers ask an editor to review their work, and a little ingenious editing can go a long way to rescue even bad copy. For a single designer or small agency, editing is an important skill, and it’s well worth getting used to the basics.

Editing isn’t just about reading and retouching, but it’s a start. If you like what you read, great: just correct spelling, grammar and punctuation as required. If not, try and identify the problems – they tend to fall into two categories: bad writing and not solving the topic. In the latter case, a good editor will often send the draft back to the original author, with key questions posed as constructive criticism. Perhaps unnecessary can be cleverly suggested as blog material for a later date. 

If the text is long, hard to hear, or badly presented; or confusing sentences; then you can re-edit them. George Orwell’s writing rule is still a good place to start when looking at how an article can be improved. They are analyzed in a modern context here but in summary, they are: Keep your words short and frugal; make the sentence simple and attractive; and use simple, easy to understand language, avoid cliché and jargon.

3. Ensure a great landing page with a winning formula

As sales copy, landing pages play an important role. They are usually quite short in terms of copy length, so this is a real opportunity for you to add value to your client for relatively little effort. Just make sure their main sales pages stick to the solid experimental and testing formula – and even more ruthless at eliminating any kind of cake as part of its editorial intervention. friend.

A good landing page starts off by solving the problem: hopefully you’ve identified that at the planning stage. Now, in a few sentences, illustrate the matter to the intended audience… Is their home too cold but the fuel is expensive? Does their garden seem cluttered because they are too busy to tend?

Once you’ve painted this picture and formed an emotional connection, explain how your client can help (by providing a trusted handyman will ensure the garden is in good condition when the landlord doesn’t have a day to enjoy it). Turns out that your client has successfully solved this problem in the past for others, maybe link to your testimonials.

Now add a ‘Call to action’ call. That could call the company or click the ‘Buy’ button. 

4. Regularly create new ideas for Blog

Basic business websites just don’t keep enough copies for SEO purposes, so you really need your client to commit to keeping up a blog. This commitment usually doesn’t last too long. 

At least one person in any organization usually wants to do some creative writing and promote himself. The problem is that people don’t know what to write. As a professional web professional, here’s your chance to become even more helpful by giving them some guidance on how they can maintain a blog.

There are a few helpful tips for making blog topics friendly. You need to consider the company’s founding and its milestones, for example, and create a commemorative calendar to celebrate. You can also write about your company’s values ​​and vision and choose hot topics that affect your customers.