How does marketing get users to click on your link?

Are you looking for an idea for a story, developing an online marketing tool or want to do something funny, coming up with an idea for people to click on your link is always a demanding job. challenge. Here are the basic strategies for finding new ideas.

The trick with all of these techniques is to keep an unbiased and creative mind. If this is not your strong point, then you should ask for help from others.

Now we will find out what that strategy is.

First, based on keyword trends

One way to find ideas is to review recently used keywords and make use of them. You can find it at Yahoo Clue, Google Trends or others. Let your mind get rid of the patterns. If you are comfortable with brainstorming, this can be helpful as well.

You can combine humor with keyword trends as a way to come up with new ideas.

Second, keyword search

Use popular search terms to find link building ideas. Find a problem or something you could be funny about. Put in your search keywords words like “problem”, “fix”, “advice”, or “how to do it”. This is how you will clearly see the need to know search terms. Thinking of something for your customers to use for easier and more flexible search will increase your chances of link success.

This is advice. It is very reasonable for your link to follow the phrases with the highest search volume. And at the same time, those keywords can quickly lose their position in rankings. Once that keyword has a high ranking, it will naturally get new links and so will see that keyword everywhere. Think of a keyword as a broken link.

Third, open discussion forum

Another strategy is online forums. This will be a place filled with ideas for anyone to invest their time in. You will have someone read common topics related to common issues that people are discussing, and then help them solve the problem in some way. Your solution is anything from an online tool to an iphone application.

Another way to exploit your forum is to post constructive questions. Maybe you’re working in the travel industry and you want to post on the best places to eat. On the forum, you can find a place to eat in your area and current food prices.

Fourth, a website to find out how consumers feel

Like a forum, this site will be a source of ideas. Let someone read through all the common complaints. And then a good solution comes up that can turn this idea into a cartoon series. Let’s go back to the example in the travel industry. You can start with the idea of ​​making a funny cartoon series about foreign travel experiences.

Don’t limit yourself when considering the industry you work in. Look at those industries that share the same demographic standards as yours

With this strategy, your company will have a mindset of link building ideas. Always remember one thing is to open your mind and be creative.