Get Your Blog to Work for You

Most bloggers understand or should at least have a clear knowledge of how important blogging is for any business. What most bloggers don’t know is how to fully optimise their blog posts to make it search engine friendly.

This is an area where many bloggers fail in taking advantage of the massive marketing potential of blogging. The truth is that recent studies by the site revealed that there is around 60% of business blogs and an estimated 65% of blog owners that have just left their blogs and never updated it in the past year. Fresh and relevant content is vital to a successful blog and to perform the basic optimisation that is offered via blogging. If you have a blog, we hope the following six search engine optimisation tips for great SEO is going to get you motivated and your blog noticed.

It All Starts with Research

One thing that is essential for optimization is keyword research and there are more chances than not that you are already including some of the keywords but knowing which of the keywords are valuable and then making sure it is added in a natural way is extremely important. There are an array of techniques and tools available to help you find keywords related to your blog posts. One of the most used are Google AdWords Keyword tool that offers all the keywords related to a specific topic and at the same time, it makes it possible to see what phrases are used by the competition to attract traffic to their websites.

Keyword Utilization Throughout Post

By using keyword tools, it makes it easier to target some of the most relevant and valuable keywords, but it is also important to remember to place these where they would have the most impact when it comes to search engine indexing. The most effective places to use keywords are in titles, subheading, headings, the introductory sentence, in the last or concluding paragraph, the anchor text as well as meta descriptions and title tags.

One thing that is never good is to engage in what is called keyword stuffing, it is something to be cautious off as once you know the keywords it can be fairly easy to overuse those and by filling your content with too many keywords could make it difficult to read or hard to understand. This not only irritate your followers, but Google could penalize you, so the trick is to place only a couple of keywords in the most strategic manner.

Social Media

There are several other great tips such as reference to other links, optimizing your images and giving a wider reader-audience reason to subscribe to your blog, which are all topics we will come back to, but for now we want to leave you with one last great tip and that is to utilize social media in order to broaden the reach of all your blog posts. As a new or smaller business, it is vital to use Google+, Twitter or Facebook to your advantage, it offers you all the connection and an endless flow or clients.