Five Food Marketing Trends in 2020 (part 1)


Sweet or savory, vegan or meaty, healthy or junk – the food industry has a lot on its plate. Like customers’ taste, food marketing also evolves. In this article, we’d enlist the food marketing trends that will consume marketers in 2020.

  1. Food SEO is very important

With 56% of website traffic coming from search engines and foodies search for the best food options near them, it is important to have right food SEO strategy, in a wide range of media.

  • Images: Delicious images of dishes can spark visual hunger and motivate consumers to order them from you. And since Google’s image search becomes more precise, it is best to write descriptive metadata for your images to be easily
  • Cooking videos: Another catching up food marketing trend is behind the scenes videos of how food is produced, cooked, baked, decorated, served, and packed. Cooking videos are gaining popularity among viewers and vloggers, generally demonstrating the use of specific food products.
  • Voice: Now it is common for many home-cooks to listen to recipe instructions and cook along. Many food bloggers have structured their content to fit voice search better, such as how-to videos, ingredient lists, etc. Many restaurants have also accepted reservation requests from voice assistants.
  1. Social media pivots to UGC

Whether it is appetizing images or food inspiration or cooking hacks or online grocery shopping options, an effective social media strategy is a must to connect with customers.

In 2020, User-Generated Content (UGC) on social media will gain traction. Here are the ways how you can use UGC to engage gastronomes on a variety of social media platforms.

  • Pinterest: You can leverage Pinterest to inspire consumers with high-quality, hunger-inducing images. Running hashtag contests for users to upload the photos of the food they ordered from you will drive engagement as well as increase brand awareness.
  • Instagram: You can use Instagram to prompt consumers to upload their favorite food images. You can also run contests such as re-creating a popular recipe from your kitchen.
  • TikTok: TikTok is another platform that may be mined for UGC. How about short videos for taste reactions or food-hacks?