The internet has democratized business. In stead of needing thousands or millions of rands to open up a retail store, anyone with a computer and a little technical skill, can start an online business (and make money), while hardly spending money in the process.
This involves having a website which sells products, while not physically stocking them. Once you make a sale, you as the seller purchase the product from a wholesaler or manufacturer who then ships the item directly to your customer.
This means that you can start a business without needing any capital to buy stock. Moreover, there’s no storage costs either. While this may mean you make less on the mark up price, the upside is that you have the money upfront, only paying the third party once the sale is made. That means you don’t have to lay out any cash.

This works by offering the products of an online retailer on your blog or website, using the traffic from your online platform to generate income for you.
You receive commission as users click on the link and your site’s traffic is referred to the retailer or a sale occurs. Once the shopper clicks on the item on your site, they are taken to your affiliate partner’s website which manages payment and delivery. Therefore, you can earn commission with the only costs for marketing like on social media and emails.
If you have a passion for or expertise in a particular field, then creating content via a blogging platform could be just up your alley (and a great way to make money). There are many blogging platforms like or which host your blog without any cost. However, some of these platforms have restrictions regarding advertising, so it may be more worth your while to get a reasonably priced hosting for your own website. Content can be anything from writing to photos to videos recorded on your cellphone. The important thing is to make it niche, interesting and relevant to your subject and audience. Once you have built up your base of regular blog readers you can then look to monetise your blog.