Effective Ways to earn money on Instagram (part 2)

3. Offer a Paid Service

If you can attract a sizeable following on your Instagram account, it means that you have access to a skill or resource that other people are interested in. Your talent may not always translate into a physical product, but you can offer it in the form of a service.

You can do this in different ways, such as:

  • Include a link in your bio that takes other users to your site for a full description of your services.
  • Offer your services at reduced rates for limited time periods.
  • Include your skills in your bio with mentioning that you are open to work offers.
  • Connect with other users who offer the same services to set up a professional network and exchange tips, skills, etc.
  • Use your posts, pictures, or videos, to advertise your skill. Whether you are a dancer, a photographer, or skilled any other niche.

4. Sell Your Instagram Photos

Selling your photos is one of the most basic ways to earn money on Instagram. This option has great thing that you don’t need a large following to sell your photos.

If your interest in drawing or photography is what first attracted you to Instagram, you can make money online by your interest. To start, take some time to gain your photography skills using online courses.

When you have started taking professional photos, you can use the following tips to sell photos:

  • If you get a large following, you can sell prints of your Instagram photos to your followers for a fee.
  • You can subscribe to their service and sell your photos on sites such as Shopify. These sites cater to users that are particularly looking to buy relevant photos.
  • You can print your photos on merchandise, such as mugs and T-shirts, and sell your products for a profit.
  • You can contact companies on Instagram and offer your picture services. The companies can then pay you to post specific types of photos that relate to their products.