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Five Food Marketing Trends in 2020 (part 2)

Healthy bites take priority Consumers today are more aware of a healthy lifestyle as well as healthy eating. Many have also adopted specific diets supported beliefs or food sensitivities or health conditions. We will easily see marketers highlighting a variety of food alternatives a brand offers to its customers, such as organic, gluten or soy-free,

Five Food Marketing Trends in 2020 (part 1)

  Sweet or savory, vegan or meaty, healthy or junk – the food industry has a lot on its plate. Like customers’ taste, food marketing also evolves. In this article, we’d enlist the food marketing trends that will consume marketers in 2020. Food SEO is very important With 56% of website traffic coming from search

Effective SEO Strategy For Gaming Site (part 2)

Mobile Optimization Service You can build or develop mobile-friendly gaming sites, this service signifies the site access permission that you can easily access on the smartphone, tablet, laptop, and gadgets. In 2008, this technique took up with mobile development company HTC and it was properly raised in 2015 and became the world’s best mobile optimization

Top four misunderstood SEO concepts (part 2)

Links don’t matter anymore Link building means acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your site. Search engines crawl the websites for the pages and index them, then take a look at the pages’ content quality along with the links pointing towards the site from external websites. The quality of the websites where the external link