Best ways to earn money online in 2019 (Part 2)

In the previous article, I showed you about everything you need to earn money online, it is now the time to know the best ways to make money online:

Building your own blog

You can create your small business blog by writing on interesting topics and publishing them on your blog. When visitors start to come to your blog, you can monetize it using ads or you can also sell sponsored posts if your blog has good metrics.

Permissive Email Marketing

This way of earning money online is to directly receive advertising in the email, which must be opened and viewed to generate revenue. In general, these emails usually lead to web pages with promotions or discounts of some kind, so you will have to go to them in order to get the expected reward.

Paid surveys online

Paid surveys are considered as the fastest and most efficient way to generate money online. Basically, you must register on the pages which offer this kind of surveys so that you can make considerable number of money. If you have a good strategy, you will always be receiving surveys, so you will have some extra money in your pocket.

Cashback and savings system

Cashback and savings system is about web pages where you can buy products or service, with the possibility that they’ll return a percentage of the investment made. This way allows you to fast invest and recover money, being a more than valid option as it is a long term. This is a perfect option for those who love savings.

Investing online

Though a little riskier than the above mentioned forms, you can invest online effectively by using specialized platforms for it and always looking for diversification and prudence in your actions.

Playing online

It might seem utopian and impossible, but in fact, you can make money by playing online. There are a lot of pages that ask you to play a certain game in exchange for prizes or cash remuneration.

Freelance work

Finally, the last and also the most legal and reliable way to make money online is Freelancer work. Freelance work is to provide several tasks you can do from the internet. Whether writing articles, creating web pages, or teaching online, if you can do it remotely and online, it is considered as Freelance work.