My name is Ajinkya Bangade (AJ) & I’m honoured to have you here.

My main purpose is to share quality knowledge you need to be successful at SEO, Internet Marketing and Blogging. But before I do this, let me share a brief story about myself.

When I first got into the field of Search Engine Optimization (3 years ago), I struggled a lot with the garbage information overloaded.

There are so many sentiments, so many ways to achieve goals and garbage information loaded. But after learning & trying several things, I break the code and developed a strategy to rank any website.

That is exactly what I did.

I’m No Guru. I’m just an ordinary guy who works hard to make his day special. At least 8-12 hours a day, with eyes concentrated on laptop screen, fingers placed on keyboard, and body rested on my special blogging chair.

For the last 3 years, I built number of niche sites and ranked them high. I tried to improve them from beginning; also failed number of times. And after too many failures, I developed a strategy to rank any. The whole process boosted my confidence enough to offer full scale SEO service like a SEO Expert.

Up to this time, I have optimised and ranked over 30+ websites with 80+ keywords.

The reason behind this brief story is that I believe, “You can achieve the same”.


I started my career online as a freelancer, when I was in 3rd year of Electronics Engineering (Year 2012-13). At that time, I was writing tutorials and articles on Mathematics for one of the famous online tutor classes in India. In addition to that, as a freelancer, I performed various MatLabDSP and General Electronics Projects for clients throughout the globe.  I received few hundreds of dollar on each project, direct to bank account from freelancing platform. It was incredibly good for any beginner.

But my real passion lies in SEO and other Internet Marketing objects. Now, I’m 24-year-old, used to travel a lot as well as read a lot. No worries eat a lot. A real Internet Marketer never off their reading habit.

Idea behind this blog setup:

  • From the past two year, SEO has changed a lot with updated Google algorithms.
  • My SEO and Internet Marketing passion will be helpful to my clients to grow their businesses.
  • In internet world, you will find lots of garbage information overloaded about SEO and Internet Marketing.
  • People are spreading misinformation without testing any product, only because of high commission they are getting. This blog is completely opposite.

I am going to share my experiences (good as well as bad) about Internet Marketing to the people who need.

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About  Incisivea

  • Incisivea.com is the growing Internet Marketing site. Everything which is published here will be helpful to get you more traffic, sales and lead. The published materials are real actionable and easy to follow. You can refer them as a go to SEO Training Source.
  • Incisivea.com will help you to improve your Internet Marketing skills to next Level. The real actionable link building strategies and useful resource lies here.

I asked my mother to search an exact word in a dictionary to represent my brand. She suggested me a word “incisive”. 

Incisive + A (Ajinkya)= Incisivea

AJ specialize in providing actionable cutting-edge SEO and Internet Marketing Strategies for you and your businesses.

Don’t hesitate to contact me using Contact page and Twitter.