About SEO profession and basic SEO processes

SEO profession is the research, analysis, implementation and optimization of both on-page and off-page SEO.

SEO helps to increase traffic, ranking on search results for the website compared to competitors on each keyword or keyword phrase.

As a result, it can optimize the conversion rate and revenue breakthrough for businesses.

Search engines (most commonly Google) have two main functions: scratching and indexing. From there, providing users with a ranking list of the standard SEO websites they consider the most relevant and relevant to the user’s search intent on the Internet.

The basic process of SEO:

SEO covers many techniques from simple to advanced, easy for beginners to give up. But don’t worry when I have codified the SEO process through the infographic below. Let’s start simple to do bigger things.

1. Keyword Research:

Research keywords using free and paid tools. The easiest way to start is to understand what your Customers are looking for

2. Building Content:

Implement Content Expert based on the Keyword list you have researched before.

3. Onpage:

Optimize keywords, heading tags, meta description, images, .. for the content you have deployed

4. Offpage:

Building a Backlink system creates trust and boosts SEO key URLs

5. Track results:

Always follow the results that you took the previous steps to make next goals.

6. Advanced optimization:

Continue to analyze more in-depth, perform advanced optimization steps. Simply keeping the top is harder than the SEO top

7. CRO – Optimize conversion rate:

The ultimate goal is Revenue and Branding. Constantly optimize the CRO for a successful SEO process.

Doing SEO requires the following important skills and knowledge:

• Having specialized knowledge of content marketing, content development of articles. And especially indispensable SEO skills, or at least basic knowledge of SEO.

• Practical experience in SEO industry

• Be able to think creatively, identify and solve problems

• Excellent communication skills

• Work in groups and independently

• Proficient in Google Analytics

• Experienced in using website optimization tools

• Time management, analysis, and organization skills

To appear on the Google search results page, the SEO profession requires a lot of effort and clear arrangement. Not applying a bunch of complex techniques.