4 common myths about marketing (Part 2)

Myth 03: Must be creative !!!

Why do you like to do Marketing?
Because I love to create!
I think your mindset is fine, skills are fine. Why not do Marketing?
Come on. I don’t have artists, I can’t create marketing.
Wrong! Wrong! A thousand times wrong! Creativity is of course good, but for this profession it is not the deciding factor!

Marketing is “innovation” based on market reality. That means you will have to spend most of your time researching everything (market, competitors, customers, …) and then decide what to sell, to whom, how to sell, plan. how to best suit. Marketing requires a mind that knows right and right thinking, also known as scientific thinking. If you only eat with pure creative capital, then you should go to advertising instead of marketing.

We also note that if you want to be creative in Marketing, you still have to understand the insights and behavior of your customers.
If you only eat with pure creative capital, you should go to Advertising instead of Marketing

Myth 04: Good at Facebook, Google adwords, SEO, … definitely knows how to do Marketing

“We are marketers, and we know how to do everything from SEO, graphic design, website, email marketing , sms marketing, sales to social media.”

The biggest mistake of business is adoration advertising tool! Think again, marketing is a mindset, not a tool. A thinker knows what to do without knowing much about tools, without tools, or even without money. The person who is good at tools does not know anything about Marketing, just a small change in the algorithm, or another product, another environment … is experience as zero.