4 common myths about marketing (Part 1)

Doing Marketing but not really understanding Marketing properly. I don’t do Marketing but I think I’m good at Marketing. Like Marketing, but mistaking Marketing for another job … Marketing mindset for marketing people is what determines their level, which is the intellectual expression of Marketing people. Here are 4 common marketing myths that many people make the most. Are you confident that you understand correctly about the Marketing profession?

Myth 01: Marketing is advertising, PR, marketing, etc …

Like “An elephant is an ear, a trunk, a tail and … n others” – extremely unilateral and completely confusing concepts between concepts. 

Marketing is advertising, PR, marketing, … ???
Brief marketing is to meet customer needs and bring profit to the business. The biggest difference between Marketing and the rest of the audience is the thinking:

  • PR person thinking: how do other people (press, customers) proactively speak well about themselves.
  • Salesman’s mindset: how do other people buy from us, as much as possible, as long as they can push the goods, get money back, all means (promotions, discounts, games etc … …) are both reasonable.
  • Branding mindset: how to make the company image as bold as possible in the minds of users, as much money as possible is reasonable, but collecting money is not as heavy as Sales.
  • Marketing’s mindset: is to unify and combine, harmonize all of the above thinking. Marketing aims to satisfy customers’ needs as much as possible to bring in profits, market share, and brand. Marketing mindset towards consumers to receive profit.

Myth 02: Only big businesses need to do marketing, because it’s very expensive

It is a sad fact that most Vietnamese enterprises, especially SMEs, do not have a Marketing Department in their company. They believe that the Marketing department is only needed for large businesses, large corporations, and small and medium, having a sales department is enough.

Only big businesses need to do marketing?

This is a misconception and danger. Marketing determines what businesses sell, who to sell, and how to sell. So if there is no Marketing department or no one has a marketing mindset in the company, how will this be decided? Or what businesses like to produce, then produce that, what they do well, how to sell, how is Sales? In the long run, do not know where the product will go, let alone the “brand” ?!

If I say that marketing is very expensive, the business is not big enough to do it? This is not correct because doing Marketing is a process, with many factors to achieve the goal, not just burning money to run ads. With a solid marketing mindset, you even have a way to satisfy customer needs with minimal cost!