2 important factors to increase website traffic

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, has become a top priority for businesses. 

One reason is that the search engines will bring in the most traffic today and bring in the most potential customers. But how does Google work? 

Now, search engines have changed, and with the aim of bringing the best quality content to the searchers, a series of algorithms were born and became one of the core algorithms in ranking. search ranking.

This means that SEO is now much more complicated and difficult than it used to be, and here are 3 key factors that affect website rankings and more or less traffic to the website.


One of the most fundamental aspects in SEO is keyword optimization for the title, Meta Description and article content. These keywords are a way to tell search engines what the website is about and show them that the website will provide relevant content to the searcher’s needs.

In the early days of SEO, just adding lots of keywords to your website’s articles regardless of the same industry or not had many opportunities to increase website traffic. But now it is different from Panda algorithm, with this trick, website will immediately disappear from Google.

This requires webmasters to be more careful and to  research keywords in SEO  more carefully close to the needs of the searcher to be displayed better. Below are the types of keywords so your focus should be on research.

Longtail Keywords

Do a thorough study of the keywords and keyword phrases that you can use to use for website articles. For example, in the SEO keyword SEO service article of Nam Nguyen, there are many related keywords such as: keyword SEO services for the website, reputable keyword SEO services, safe keyword SEO services. Combine some news articles such as: how to SEO keyword website to the top of Google for example.

Because of that, focusing on Longtail Keyword will help the website rank better and also attract a large amount of traffic that will visit the website.

Keywords + local

In addition to using specific keywords to tell search engines what the website is in particular, we should incorporate Keyword + local. Google or other search engines will often take a lot of time to determine where your website is, so shaping from the beginning should use keywords + with Local, to quickly display the specific area.


In addition to simply using additional keywords in articles, websites need to have quality content and be continuously optimized to be ranked high. And while search engines can’t read your articles like humans, they may be looking at a few signals to determine if your content is worth recommending to searchers.

Content length

When writing articles for your website, you should focus on quality content, and have enough words for the satisfaction of the reader and, more importantly, good navigation. Therefore, you should aim for quality over quantity. Therefore, a well optimized article must be of sufficient length and should always be comprehensive to the reader.

Fresh content

Search engines like new and frequently updated websites. This means we can’t always produce new content to improve website rankings and traffic. Instead consider trying a method that is improving content, which allows search engines to see that the website is being updated regularly and changing for the reader.

Internal link

Minimize the number of articles with the number of clicks> 4 deep starting from the homepage. Therefore, it is necessary to use the method of linking article content together (called internal link) with relevant topics and in the right context.