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Format for Content Writing

Please keep this format in mind in order to get your post publish here.

  • Use friendly tone. I mean casual one. Just like speaking with your friend or family member.
  • Enjoy your writing and readers will like it.
  • A Big No for ostentatious business tone.
  • No blunders please. If you can explain in simple means- then just do it.
  • There is no minimum word count. It is up to you. I just need an effective and engaging content to publish here.
  • Use 3-4 sentences per paragraph. No more than that.
  • No copypaste, requires 100% unique.
  • Give credit to someone’s idea by linking to them.
  • Divide post in three sections:

                (a) Include “What you are going to learn” section.
(b) Write main body about subject.
(c) Include “What you learned” section.

Important: Remember your post must-have real actionable advice or idea with step by step instructions. Also, use case study data and examples wherever possible.

I maintain the blog with high quality standard. Guest post will have the same.

Qualities I am looking for:

  • Case Study or Tutorial with Real Actionable Advice or Idea
  • Back up of real world example/data (It can be anonymous)
  • Appropriate images for Readers
  • Generally, readers want to implement actionable tips on their blog/website.

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I accept a post from any of these categories given below.

  • Internet Marketing.
  • WordPress, WordPress Plugins, WordPress themes, etc.
  • Blogging Tips, Blogging Tools, etc.
  • Softwares & SEO Tools.
  • Entrepreneurship & Online Business.

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